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We have been very busy at Greenworkforce – and the arrival of some new team members had almost gone unannounced.

Andy and Drew have been working with us for over a year but have recently joined us more permanently. They are master decorators and wallpaperers.

Pattern wallpaper designAndy is quite the jack of all trades and can turn his had to plastering and tiling most expertly too. They are a great team and have years of experience between them.

Andy and Drew bring with them a wealth of knowlege to the team as they have been in the trade for over 10 years each. Although they dont  attend to all the general handyman tasks such as plumbing and carpentry like the rest of the team, but being specialists in decorating, tiling and wallpapering more than makes up for it. They will be working on all the larger decorating contracts which extend over two days.

Wallpapered room with lamp










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