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Never work with children or animals

It’s not often I come across a new situation, but last week was definitely a first.

I was quietly painting a small area in a bedroom when I was joined by the house cat Bernard (not his real name). Cats being very curious but usually quite timid make ideal works supervisors. But it’s more commonplace that even often though I’m told there is a cat in residence they rarely make an appearance.

This bold cat strolled up to say hello and I stroked it once and resumed my work.

Suddenly there was a a commotion and I looked down to see the cat bounding out of the room.

To my dismay it had jumped into my paint tray then panicked and ran for safety jumping onto the bed, skidding out of the room and running up the stairs – as I followed to see where it had gone I could see it had twice circled the dining table before jumping onto the sofa and finally out of the window.

Its artistic endeavours were not appreciated as I spent the next 2 hours removing all the paint splatters from walls, rugs, tables, sofa and bedspread.

What a relief that it was only emulsion – so a catastrophe was averted.

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