London handyman Service - Map of coverage E5

London postcodes our handymen operate in:

London Handyman E5 – Clapton
London Handyman E5 – Lower Clapton
London Handyman E5 – Upper Clapton
London Handyman E5 – Leyton
London Handyman E5 – Stoke Newington

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From £36 per hour

Our Carbon neutral East London handyman Co works all over the city cycling in a five mile radius from Shoreditch East London in to Central London as far as the West End and up past Stoke Newington covering North London to Crouch End and as far East as Bow and the Isle of Dogs. Its easy for our handymen to get around by bicycle, London handyman are always expanding so if your not yet covered call us for details of when we plan to cover your area.

London Handyman Services from our professional team in E5 East London, Clapton, Upper Clapton, Lower Clapton, Leyton, Stoke Newington.

Our London Handyman Company is the environmentaly friendly choice – we are a Carbon Neutral Company.

Friendly, experienced handymen will fix all your plumbing, electrical and carpentry problems.

Painting and decorating sevices are also available

Great value handymen from a team you can trust.

  • Carbon neutral East London handymen Services
  • Highly qualified and professional London handymen
  • Never late due to traffic or parking in London
  • Half the price of similar London handyman firms
  • London Handymen arrive with all tools and materials needed
  • Fully insured and vetted handymen all over London
  • E5 London Handyman has professional plumbing services.
  • East London Handyman has professional carpentry services
  • E5 London Handyman provides professional Decorating services
  • East London Handyman provides professional solution to electrical instalation

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