Green Workforce Electrical Services

If you need electrical work completed in your home or office we have a great team of handymen who can offer electrical services.

  • Our team of home maintenance specialists will take care of all the little jobs that never get done.
  • We can offer a range of electrical installation and repair including extractor fans, light bulbs, light fittings, transformers, electrical switches, sockets and much more.
  • We are now able to offer electrical fault finding and certified electrical work through our trusted associates. This includes part p and all electrical installations from a new cooker to complete home rewire.

We are pleased to be able to offer a great value professional solution to your home electrical work and repairs. You can rely on Greenworkforce electrical contractors.

Part P Electrician – PAT Testing

At Greenworkforce we can now provide – 

  • Part P electrical installation
  • Electrical testing and certification
PAT testing (portable appliance testing)
  • Electrical fault diagnosis and re-wiring services

These are specialist jobs. We are able to put you in touch with our trusted associates. You can trust they work to our high standards.

PAT Testing (portable appliance testing)

In the workplace there should be scheduled PAT testing – we are now able to offer this service.

Handyman FAQ's...

  • Question

    I have come home to a flood of water on the floor, how can I shut if off?
    Do you know where your stopcock is in case of an emergency?


    You will need to locate your stopcock. It is a brass handled tap that can be located literally anywhere in our experience. The first places to look are - In the cellar, under the sink, in the communal hallway , near your water meter, under the stairs, near your water heater or boiler. If you have exhausted all these places you should try in the street. If you are lucky wou may find you have a modern meter under a black circular plastic cover in front of your house. It has its own ket inside to shut the water off.

  • Question

    I have replaced all of the spotlight bulbs in my kitchen but some still aren't working?


    I would imagine that in a kitchen they may be 12v halogen spotlight bulbs. These bulbs each has a transformer above it in the ceiling, The transformers last between 3 -5 years before the need to be replaced, sometimes they will work intermittently before breaking down completely.
    Transformers cost between £7-£12 and take 15 mins to fit each one.

  • Question

    My Boyfriend has tried to fit a child safety gate but has put a hole through the wall, what should I do?


    If you have made a small hole some interior filler will be fine to use. Use a filling knife to spread the filler slightly proud of the surface of the hole. This is because it will contract as it dries. Once dry it can be sanded back level with the wall ready for painting.

  • Question

    Our front door is getting very difficult to close as the weather gets colder?


    This is a common problem. Wooden doors expand during the winter months, it will probably just require a light plane on the sticking edges. Remember to repaint the bare wood or it will continue to absorb moisture and expand once more.