Gas Safe – Plumbing and Heating Handyman Services London

Our team of experienced plumbers and Gas Safe engineers will quickly solve plumbing problems and genreral maintenance in your home or office.

  • Handymen can bleed radiators, unblock sinks, fit washing machines and dishwashers.
  • Call the professional team in London to attend quickly and diligently to all your  plumbing jobs in London
  • Our handymen are On Call six days per week we’re always here to help in any plumbing emergency
  • Repair thermostatic valves, replace radiators, service boilers, complete Landlords Certificates

Our London Gas Safe plumbers can also service gas appliances but not high pressure water cylinders, if you require a Gas Engineer we are able to send Sunil our full time Gas Safe Engineer. – call for details

Emergency Plumbers – Boiler Service

At Greenworkforce we  now provide

Gas safety certificates

Landlord certificates for Boilers and gas hobs

Boiler servicing

Inspection hatches for flues in void spaces

These are specialist jobs. And we have our own Gas Safe engineer working exclusively for us. The rates for gas work are higher than our standard handyman rates but are still competitive compared to other companies such as Pimlo Plumbers  – £65 p/h

Emergency Stop cock

It is always a good idea to know where your stop cock is, it can save you time when we come to visit and you may need it in an emergency to stop a plumbing leak becoming a disaster.

New Gas Safe Regulations

You should by now be aware that it is mandatory for your gas engineer to be able to inspect and check the flue on Gas Boilers along it entire length to comply with new regulations. If your boiler is not sited on an external wall you should make enquiries as to how you may become Gas Safe Compliant.

Handyman FAQ's...

  • Question

    I have come home to a flood of water on the floor, how can I shut if off?
    Do you know where your stopcock is in case of an emergency?


    You will need to locate your stopcock. It is a brass handled tap that can be located literally anywhere in our experience. The first places to look are - In the cellar, under the sink, in the communal hallway , near your water meter, under the stairs, near your water heater or boiler. If you have exhausted all these places you should try in the street. If you are lucky wou may find you have a modern meter under a black circular plastic cover in front of your house. It has its own ket inside to shut the water off.

  • Question

    I have replaced all of the spotlight bulbs in my kitchen but some still aren't working?


    I would imagine that in a kitchen they may be 12v halogen spotlight bulbs. These bulbs each has a transformer above it in the ceiling, The transformers last between 3 -5 years before the need to be replaced, sometimes they will work intermittently before breaking down completely.
    Transformers cost between £7-£12 and take 15 mins to fit each one.

  • Question

    My Boyfriend has tried to fit a child safety gate but has put a hole through the wall, what should I do?


    If you have made a small hole some interior filler will be fine to use. Use a filling knife to spread the filler slightly proud of the surface of the hole. This is because it will contract as it dries. Once dry it can be sanded back level with the wall ready for painting.

  • Question

    Our front door is getting very difficult to close as the weather gets colder?


    This is a common problem. Wooden doors expand during the winter months, it will probably just require a light plane on the sticking edges. Remember to repaint the bare wood or it will continue to absorb moisture and expand once more.