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Stolen London Handyman Bicycle

Stolen handyman bicycle appeal reward £500.00

On Saturday 12/01/13 between 23.00 – 00.00 Jérémie’s bicycle was stolen from outside his house on Old Ford E3, London

The bicycles are unique imported from America, there are only a handfull in London and we would be very gratefull if you could all keep your eyes peeled. They are made by a company call Surly and the model is called Big Dummy – sadly thats how we feel right now.

Jérémie joined the team back in October and has proven to be a real asset so this is a really dissapointing setback. The bicycle was stolen from his front garden locked to a concrete pillar outside his house, they also had to smash apart his garden fence in order to release the bicycle.
We hope it  might turn up on Gumtree or Ebay at some point so if  anyone see’s one of these bikes for sale we’d love to hear from you. Our handymen very much rely on these bicycles and they have become an essential tool of our trade.

Jeremie distraight – no one raised any alarm whilst his fence was smashed to pieces.

There should be very few opportunities to sell such a distinctive bike as this – we have customised them to carry all our handyman tools, its far too big to fit in most peoples homes. It might turn up on a street corner near you.