Who are the best handymen?

We’re different from other handyman companies.

  1. Greenworkforce staff are all multi-skilled, friendly & excellent tradesmen.
  2. We have built this company by demonstrating a high standard of workmanship and building a great reputation for customer satisfaction.
  3. Our handyman company has doubled in size each year because our customers always recommend us.

Your enquiry will always be answered by an expert handyman.

We think giving you the best service starts with getting the right advice. We will always be able to offer an accurate estimate of cost and timescale over the phone whether you call for advice on plumbing, electrics carpentry or decorating. You will not find this level of service at other companies.

The Team

  • Kieron

    Kieron’s passion is sailing and he has built two sailing boats and prides himself on his carpentry skills. He is also a great with electrics and plumbing.

  • Ian

    Expert carpenter with 15 years experience has plenty of construction know how. Customers just cant help calling to praise him and his work.

  • Neil

    General painter and decorator Neil has a real eye for detail, he never drips a drop and is a pleasure to work with.

  • Andy
    Kitchen Installation

    Recently Andy completed a stunning bare shell church conversion. Andy is a safe pair of hands, he used to measure and install bespoke marble kitchens and bathrooms.

  • Mike

    General building all rounder currently studying to be a quantity surveyor, what Mike does not know about how your home is constructed is not worth knowing.

  • Handyman Jobs
    Are You The Best Handyman?

    Send us you CV and explaining why you think you would be the best to Green Workforce today!

  • Andy & Drew
    Decorating and Wallpapering

    You will have to work very hard to find a more experienced team.

    Andy and Drew have decided to join us full time this year and were delighted to have them on board.

  • Sunil
    Gas Safe Engineer

    Sunil joined in October and has made a great start. He is efficient and meticulous in all his work.

    Just what you want from your boiler repair man!

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